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We want you to feel confident about contacting SAHARA DENTAL CENTER with your question, concern or inquiry. Your concerns will be addressed with excellent care by our highly trained doctors. Schedule an appointment today!

Our state of the art dental center provides high-quality dental care in the areas of Brookline, Allston, Brighton and the greater Boston area. Our clinic is easily accessible (through both B and C green line). Private parking area is also available by request.

Dental Emergencies include but are not limited to:

  • Severe toothache and/or tooth infection

  • Wisdom teeth pain

  • Tooth infections

  • Chipped tooth/teeth

  • Trauma or injuries

  • Fallen crown or veneer

  • Broken retainer

Possible instant dental treatments are; fix the chipped teeth, possible tooth extraction as well as root canal treatments backed up with the necessary medication if needed. 

  • For regular appointments please call +1 (617) 232 6188 and our team will schedule an appointment for you in real-time. 

  • In case of emergency (24/7) call (857) 218 8222 your dentist will see you in our clinic as quickly as possible.

  • If for whatever reason you aren't able to reach us during an emergency, please dial 911.


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